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A Fabulous March 2023 Concert

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Soham Comrades Brass Band played to a packed house at The Viva Theatre in Soham. on 10th March 2023. A concert to honour patrons and supporters of the band.

The programme included some old favourites such as the Concerto De Aranjuez, the solo beautifully played by band chairman and flugel horn player, Paul Lowes. The band also treated the audience to a preview of this year's 1st section competition piece, "A Day in the life of a Knight".

A programmatic piece based on the dramatic and romantic pursuits of your everyday swashbuckling knight. It was a varied and uplifting programme very much enjoyed by the enthusiastic audience.

Congratulations to Stephen Brooking!

During the concert two awards were presented to Stephen Brooking who, although a fairly new member of the band, has shown admirable dedication by taking on the treasurer role and working hard on his playing since coming back to banding after quite a break.

The recipient of the F.J. Talbot memorial shield is selected by the Musical Director for the 'Most improved player of the year'. It was first given by the Band members in recognition of Mr Talbot's service of over 50 years as the original bandmaster of the Soham Comrades Band. On this occasion it was presented by Band Vice President, Michael Yeomans, the grandson of F.J. Talbot, and a member of the band in the 1960s. Michael and his wife, Elaine had travelled from the USA especially for the concert.

The Peggy Hillman trophy was originally given by Richard Hillman, a popular Vet in Soham and President of the Band. It is for the band member, who in that year, has given outstanding service and support to the the band. Members all vote on who they think should be recognised for this. The shield was presented on this occasion Colin Smalley. 

Viva's Founder, Daniel Schumann said a few words welcoming the band to the theatre and said how delighted he was to partner with the band now and in the future.

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