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Brass banding has been a major part of communities for generations as bands have entertained the public in parks, pubs, churches and village halls during reasonably stable but also during difficult times. The pandemic has brought further challenges to local music groups and with less funding for schools, brass musicians are not coming through the education system in ways that they used to which means many bands around the country are struggling for players.


At Soham we have a vision and plan for the next 5 years that will see Soham Comrades Band in partnership with Soham Village College and local primary schools (in the Staploe Education Trust) The aim is to develop a youth and community band that will be a fun and encouraging place where young musicians can develop their band skills as they learn a brass instrument. As well as being a band in its own right, we hope this will prepare local players to progress into the Soham Comrades Band.

The benefits of musical education to young people are significant in terms of their academic progress, mental health and wellbeing and also provides pastoral elements, as they work as part of a team.

It is our intention to develop this model over time and strengthen the band so that it plays at the highest level. We are currently in the First Section (only one step below Championship level) having made steady progress up the ranks in recent years.

Encouraging young people (and returners to brass) is part of our strategy to keep building up skilled players for our local community -something we know is highly valued by local people.


Proceeds from this year's Soham Pumpkin Fair went to support the Brass Roots project. The band played during the afternoon which was a lovely, sunny September day.

See below or more information. We will keep you updated on how everyone is progressing next year!

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